Savage Gear Real Trout Swimbait - $6.99 to $12.99

Precise details coupled with innovative design set the Savage Gear Real Trout Swimbait apart from the rest. The Savage Gear Real Trout Swimbaits was created from 3-dimensional scans of actual trout. The first company to employ 3D scanning technology for this application, Savage Gear has created a swimbait with exact angles and curves that can’t be matched by any hand-carved mold. Once scanned, the Real Trout Swimbait was fitted with a large paddle tail that makes a very attractive "big kickin" swimming action.

Not one detail was overlooked in the creation of the Savage Gear Real Trout Swimbait, including the removal of markings that disappear during the 5-7” stage of maturation. The unmatched authenticity and improved design of the Savage Gear Real Trout Swimbait guarantee that your livewell will get filled. 

Savage Gear Length Weight Class
Real Trout 125 5" 1.25oz Sinking
Real Trout 170 7" 2.6oz Sinking
Real Trout 200 8" 4oz Sinking

Comments: I have the 5" Hitch, oh baby does it get thumped slow rolling around laydowns and boulders! water is probably just getting over 40 degrees, and i had a stellar day, 7 good bass and 2 pickerel, every one choked it, once i get a big bait rod i will immediately be purchasing 7" real trouts.

From: Stephen: Manchester, CT 4/8/14

Comments: Best Bang For The Buck!! Tie the 7" on your line cast out and get ready for that fish you have been dreaming about.


Comments: Just got all three colors of this bait..very impressed with the swimming action and the paint job is great i rigged them with stinger hooks incase of short bites and ill e chucking them at huge stripers at willow beach..hope tw gets them in the 11" size when they are released

From: Pikey: las vegas nv

Comments: Wow...I just got back from a fishing trip in Wisconsin and tried the 7' light trout when nothing else seemed to be working and caught some of the largest fish I've ever caught. These made a believer out of me! I would count down and slow troll these between 10' - 15' or cast them and keep them between 2' - 4' and the pike and large mouth would hammer them. I aslo used an 8" Huddleston and they both equally caught fish. IMO...these are one of THE BEST swimbaits on the market...especially considering the price. Use these, be patient and hang on to your rod...because big baits catch BIG fish!

From: Ray: USA

Comments: Best boot tail on the market. I know I can tie one of these on when I can't get a hit on any other swimbait and get slammed. If they won't touch the 7", tie on the 5" and they'll choke it!!! Best part is that at 9.99 you won't break the bank.


Comments: Super soft plastic with awesome swimming action. The 7" is good for fishing 15 to 30 feet deep. Swims on the fall instead of doing circles like a bunch of swimbaits. Heard there are larger sizes coming!

From: Josh: So California

Comments: not bad, but not my favorite. Not a huge fan of boot tail swimbaits but for the price this bait is definitely worth the money.

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Baby Bass
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Savage Gear Real Trout Swimbait

4 Available Colors

  • Baby Bass
    Size Stock Price Qty
    5" 05/12 $6.99
    7" 3 $9.99
    8" 5 $12.99
  • Dark Trout
    Size Stock Price Qty
    5" 5+ $6.99
    7" 5+ $9.99
    8" 5+ $12.99
  • Hitch
    Size Stock Price Qty
    5" 05/01 $6.99
    7" 05/02 $9.99
    8" 4 $12.99
  • Light Trout
    Size Stock Price Qty
    5" 05/01 $6.99
    7" 5+ $9.99
    8" 5+ $12.99