Skirts Unlimited Solid Color Skirts 10pk - $2.49

The Skirts Unlimited Solid Color Silicone Skirting Material works well as replacement skirts for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, jigs and chatter-type baits. Silicone eliminates stick and enhances skirt flow. There is nothing more rewarding than catching fish on a homemade lure.

Make sure to check out the Skirts Unlimited Skirt Making Tool & the Naked Bait Skirt Expander.

BOSS Jig Heads

Skirts Unlimited Skirt Bands

Length Width
5.75" 7/8"
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Skirts Unlimited Solid Color Skirts 10pk

12 Available Colors Sign up for Skirts Unlimited Skirts news and updates.

  • Black
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  • Blue
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  • Bright Chartreuse
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  • Carolina Blue
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  • Dark Pumpkin
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  • Gray
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  • Orange
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  • Purple
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  • Red
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  • Watermelon
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  • White
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  • Yellow
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