Strike King Bleeding Elite Buzzbait

Strike King Bleeding Elite Buzzbait

For an awesome buzzbait, look no further than these Elite Bleeding Buzzbaits, the Bleeding Bait Elite Buzzbait feature holes in the blade to create a "gurgle" type noise and leaves a bubble trail on the surface. The exclusive Grass Cone helps keep the blade clear of obstructions, and the long shank hook leaves extra space between the point and the blade for better hook-ups.

3 Colors

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    Model No. BBEB38-310
    Bleeding Black
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8oz 12/11
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    Model No. BBEB38-303
    Bleeding Char/White
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8oz 10+
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    Model No. BBEB38-304
    Bleeding White
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8oz 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: One of my favorite buzz baits by far! I was fishing buzzbaits with my friends and they had some clacking fast running buzzbait so i decided to throw this one one. First cast caught a 4 pounder. Comes to the top fast and has a fairly slow retrieval with a good amount of water movement. Bass love em'

From: JC: Sebring,FL

Comments: overall a great buzzbait just needs a little tuning to get it to run straight.

From: Austin: IN

Comments: ya ll can say what you want , but my 12 year old caught a 9.76 pound bass on one of these .

From: John: Ashdown, AR

Comments: Good bait. Caught a nice 4 pounder first time I used it. I agree about the comments about being able to slow your retrieve.

From: Kirk: Shenandoah, VA

Comments: I give it 4 outa 5 stars! Not a bad buzzbait, but it needs some tunning out of the box to get it to run straight. Works better when reeled slow, if you reel it to fast it starts to roll on its side. Caught a nice 5 pounder on it.. not as big as I'm used to in Fl, but a big fish for Northern Wisconsin.

From: Sam: Shawano, WI

Comments:This bait is great, you can slow crawl it. I thought I would have to wind it fast to keep it on the top, that is not the case you can crawl it slow. One of the best buzz baits I have ever fished. It is also very weedless.

From:Greg: Stockton, Ca

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