Strike King Pro Model 3XD Crankbaits

Strike King Pro Model 3XD Crankbaits

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The Strike King Pro Model 3XD Crankbait is a smaller bodied version of the popular XD series crankbaits. Designed to get down extra deep, it’s smaller profile is perfect for those times when bass are chasing smaller forage or just won’t commit to bigger baits. Available in a range of proven colors, the Strike King Pro Model 3XD Crankbait offers another winning way to target those deep fish.

Strike King Length Weight Depth
Pro Model 3XD 2" 7/16oz 10-12ft

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38 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Incredible bait, awesome that there thats this bait runs 8-12' with 10-12lb mono. But the the coolest part of this bait is the size and how well it cast. Great colors, good hooks and just an awesome fish catcher.

From: Samuel: IA 7/20/16

Comments: The best finesse deep diver out there. I reach for this one during tough bites, especially in clear water without much wind. This small profiled crank catches numbers and nice ones, with some of the best colors on the market. It'll hit 13' on a good long cast with 10 pound fluorocarbon.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 5/23/15

Comments: great smallmouth crank at my local clear water pond. Hooks are okay but they could be better. I watched a 2lb largie inhale it and the fish wasn't even hooked that well but honestly idc since I caught him. And I don't see how people can't cast this. I can cast it on my mh cranking rod no problem

From: Chris: ME 11/26/14

Comments: Fantastic cranks. Runs true, sheds sparse weeds well, and best of all gets bit-alot. In my opinion by far the best of the strike king cranks

From: Steve: Hagerstown, MD 10/1/14

Comments: the 3xd is a decent bait. Whenever I bring it to the table it brings fish to the table for me and I like that. Only problem I've occurred over my lifetime with this bait is its light so it's hard to cast. But I love these sobs.

From: Wisconsin Angling Outdoors: WI 9/29/14

Comments: I love the 3XD and have fish them until the bait sunk. Can't go wrong with colors such as Sexy shad, Tennessee shad, and Citrus shad in waters near Kentucky.

From: Jacob: KY 6/29/14

Comments: These little guys dive down to depth fast, and have a very nice wobble; wish they were a little heavier.  

From: Brett: NY 4/11/14

Comments: I cannot imagine that anyone has anything negative to say about this bait. I have worn out easily over 20 of these things in the last three years and each one has performed just as good as the last. Many times, the perfectly decent stock hooks have outlasted the bait itself. If I am looking for numbers, on a day when the fish are biting good, there is no other bait that produces like a 3XD.

From: Nate: USA

Comments: What else can I say that hasn't already been said about the 3XD. My fishing buddy and I were marking fish from 8-12 deep...they just were not biting bigger baits. When the fish are looking to munch on a smaller profile bait, the 3XD it going to be the ticket to get them in the boat.

From: Joseph: Syracuse, NY

Comments: Difference maker when it come down to tournament. Very good deep crank with small profile

From: SmashMouth: MotherLode

Comments: I got a few of these to try out some deeper crankbaits, and i am very happy with them.  The xd series comes with better hardware than the standard series, which i noticed as i was unpacking my last TW order.  The XD baits have nickel hooks and nice small split rings, and the standard baits have huge splitrings and junk bronze hooks.  I have had a few days on the water with these new baits and i got a 3.5 LMB on the green shad.  No issues, and the hook kept the fish locked up.  I will be changing the hooks on the regular series.  The 3xd has some great colors, and works well with my medium cranking sticks.

From: John: Groton CT

Comments: amazing bait! fished a tournament last weekend and threw this bait in rootbeer color landed 5 nice smallies witha a 3lb kicker to win with 9lbs 4oz (the second place kid had like 4lbs 8oz) thanks strike king!

From: Dexter: Olathe, CO

Comments: Largemouth, Smallmouth,Hybrids,Catfish,Drum and Gar just love to crush this bait. Plus it doesn't hurt as bad when a lure gets popped like the $15 lures.

From: Greg: AL

Comments: I love this crank...I have been killing it on the pumpkin seed color

From: Chris: Ohio

Comments: Yet another GREAT CRANKBAIT from Strike King. Runs true out of the package. This bait will come through some cover the big lip also digs in really well. It gets to max depth fast! Catches fish!

From: Tyler: USA

Comments: awesome crankbait strike king and kvd did a great job on this crankbait runs true straight out of the pack and if fairly priced, loved the bait took a friend of mine out before a cool front came through and fished my favorite channel swing and ended up with at least 80 bass left them biting and all of the bass had the bait choked down caught 2 doubles on one bait ...great investment

From: Ronald: Denham Springs, LA

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