Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbaits 3/8 oz. - $5.99

The Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbaits features premium components, including exclusive Gamakatsu hooks designed to maximize your hookup ratio. The sculpted, quick-planing head and the single rotating blade ensure the bait tracks perfectly straight and creates the necessary lift and water commotion to attract attention. Additionally, Strike King's exclusive Magic Skirt provides more action than typical skirts. The Tour Grade Buzzbaits from Strike King provide you with the quality and performance pro anglers require, giving you that extra edge in the water.

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Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbaits 3/8 oz.

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  • Black
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  • Chart/White
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  • Chartreuse
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  • Sexy Blue Back Herring
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  • Sexy Shad
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  • White
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Comments: My favorite buzzbait. The only one with that perfect "sqeek". Plus really well made I still have my first one from 3 years ago.

From: Jake: TX, USA

Comments:  i bought one of these from the tackle shop and the first time i fished with the sexy shad color i caught a 12 pound 5 ounce monster out of a farm pond this buzzbait is by far the best on the market!

Comments: GREAT buzzbait recieved some yesterday in sexy blue back herring and sexy shad ..... big blade and very strong hook but i would prefer to put a 1/0 tour grade trailer hook on them !!!!!

From: Nathan: USA

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