VMC Short Shank Round Bend 1X Treble Hooks 7pk

VMC Short Shank Round Bend 1X Treble Hooks 7pk

Designed for hardbait applications, the VMC Short Shank Round Bend 1X Treble Hooks increase the hook size of your baits while maintaining a compact profile in the water. The short shank design won't foul as much, helping you get away with using a bigger hook around cover. Strong and reliable, these VMC Short Shank Treble hooks are 1X strong, eliminating flex for more solid hook sets. Constructed from hi-carbon steel for exceptional durability, these Super Sharp cutting points will keep fish pinned.



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VMC Short Shank Round Bend 1X Treble 6 $1.99 5+
VMC Short Shank Round Bend 1X Treble 5 $1.99 5+
VMC Short Shank Round Bend 1X Treble 4 $1.99 5+
VMC Short Shank Round Bend 1X Treble 3 $1.99 5+
VMC Short Shank Round Bend 1X Treble 2 $1.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I ordered 4 packs of these hooks in different sizes. Each hook was incredibly dull. Spend the extra money and get Gamas, Mustad or Owners.

From: Dan: NE 8/6/16

Comments: for most of my treble hook lures i use the bill lewis set-lock hooks. that being said i do use these hooks on all my walk the dog lures. fish slap at those quite often and you will hook more fish with this regular bend extra wide gap style hook. you can not beat the price. i sharpen them a little bit before i put them on my lure but other than that they are great, very strong.

Comments: Like most of us, I switch out my crankbait trebles. This hook has become a great compromise between quality, price & function for me. The extra-wide 'bite', strong steel, & extra short shank (similar length as KVD triple grips) provides near perfect function. The only thing that would be better is if it had 'in-line' technology, but not that big a deal. At 28 cents a hook the price is tough to beat. & offering a #3 size is priceless. The compromise comes in because they are not very sharp. If you do the fingernail test they will roll right off, no bite. I hit the tips with my Berkeley battery-operated sharpener & they're as sharp as my Gami's etc. I still use mustads, owner, gami etc for specific things, but this works better than anything they offer currently for 80% of my replacements, at least when a short-shank is called for... The only hook that would knock this one off for me would be the Excalibur short-shank hooks they put on their cranks. Sharper & 'in-line', but they don't sell them, only on lures... I think there's a big window of opportunity for one of the upper-end companies to go ahead & hit the nail on the head with a similar hook than this with some upgrades. The Gami magic eye hooks aren't as short, have a more narrow bite & are little heavier guage than even 1x strong. They look good, but this hook makes more sense to me. I have the expensive ones, but keep opting for this one until something better comes along...

From: Mark: Gardner, KS

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