Yamamoto Fat Ika 10pk

Yamamoto Fat Ika 10pk

If you're looking for a bait that provides the look of a tube bait, but has the fall rate of a bulkier heavy bait then check out the Yamamoto Fat Ika. It has the skirted bottom of a tube, and the body of a grub with a little extra bulk. With the Fat Ika you can jig and swim more accurately than with most tube baits. As it falls, it has a built-in side to side sashay, which is all the bass need some days. Available in a range of proven Yamamoto colors, the Yamamoto Fat Ika is also a great sight fishing bait!

Length Quantity
4" 10

12 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've been throwing the Ika for only two months but been throwing the Senko for three years.  It's a great bait Texas rigged on a 4/0 EWG. Don't use a 3/0 bc it's too small. The hook up are challenging bc the bait is so thick but it gets a lot of hits. Rig it either thru the nose or skirt as it will get bit both ways. Cut a small slit about 1/4" where the hook point comes out for a better hook setting rate. Drag or bounce very slowly around trees, rocks, laydowns, or where ever the bass are hiding. It's not a search bait bc you need to fish it slowly. I highly recommend.

From: John: Germantown, MD 5/26/16

Comments: This bait is amazing! The first time I used it was at a pond where the bite seemed to have died on almost every plastic my friends and I threw, but then I put on this and BAM...back to back! Then just last week, at a different pond, on a cold day when the bass seemed to be real sluggish I put on the fat ika and caught SEVERAL! One of the LM Bass that I hooked up with weighed 4.7lbs. The only down side to this bait is that it is fragile, but it is more than worth it. I just ordered four more packs today! Great bait! 

From: Sam The Fisherman: Richmond, Va

Comments: Flat out catches fish but way too much money...

From: Rob: Davenport, IA

Comments: Got my all time record Largemouth on this thing, 9 lbs., 12 oz. Been using several different colors and all seem to produce. Bass smaller than 1/2 lb. have attacked this lure. Very rarely get a small hit. They usually slam it. Using 8 lb. braid and these things cast farther than any soft plastic I've used. You will not be disappointed trying these.

From: Tom: Somers Point, NJ

Comments: was curious about this product at first then I just bought it to try out and see what happens... Result??? when I need soft baits  ( no sinker) I only bring these ikas.... no joke... the only problem is that this lure is kinda weak (very soft) so I  bought mend it glue :D cuz it's kinda expensive but you get what you pay for.

From: Ki: MI: US

Comments: Incredible Lure! The Ika is the ultimate pitching bait. Rigged backwards (skirt-side up) with a 5/0 snell knotted Owner hook, glass rattle, and some scent, this thing cannot be beat! The secret is that when rigged this way, the bait sinks away from you. Because of this it can get even further into cover than where you placed it. There are so many different ways you can fish this thing, just get creative! Sure don't take my advice, I will just be beating you from my new Ranger it won me.

From: Justin: Long Beach

Comments: 100% fish catcher!

From: YPL: Saint Paul, MN

Comments:  Although I for some reason use the senko more, these are one of my favorite soft plastics, these will truly catch bass when even a senko wont. Give em a try. Its too bad TW doesnt carry the Big Ika as these are 5 inches long and truly exceptional

Comments: My favorite soft bait trust me this thing will catch fish any place any condition, works all year long .My I rigged skirt side up with a 3/0 EWG gami hook, weightless,cast like country mile.

From: Fishkiller01: Yonkers, NY

Comments: these baits are good.  people should make replica for these and make them cheaper. i will diffidently buy form there company

From: Modern Bass Boy

Comments: BEST SOFT PLASTIC BAIT EVER! my dad turned me on to these this season and they are practically all i use! i use a 3/8th oz shakey head jig with it and finnesse it on the bottom and catch LOTS of bass. check out my website youtube.com/JakeStrangeFishing and look at some of my videos because I use these ALOT.

From: Jake: Aurora, IL

Comments: Totally underestimated these things. I rig them backwards with a #4 EWG hook. I fish them weightless, let them sink to the bottom and slowly retrieve letting your bait stay on the bottom.

From: Mike: NJ, USA

Comments: A LITTLE SECRET for you all, any bait made by Yamamoto will catch you fish, this is a great spring time bait for beding fish and transitioning fish, try the 4inch on a 3/0 EWG along with casting gear and 12-15lb floro or mono, cast it out wieghtless rigged from the skirt side up and let it FALL, then just drag it in SUPER SLOW........................... FISH ON

From: Kevin: SoCal

Comments: Straight up INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These baits are BA. I fish them weightless in the middle of the lake and my favorite use is to pitch them them into pockets in heavy cover such as reeds. It will swim away from you deeper into the cover and Bass dig it. 4/0 hook rigged upside down the only thing left to do is hold on!!!!! By the way Watermelon w/ Black and red flake is a pretty sweet color....

From: Bassin_Rob: So Cal

Comments: The best soft bait on the planet,bar none,works when they wont touch anything else,every time,fish it weightless on a 3/0 owner wide gap plus texas rigged,if you want to see fish go nuts try rigging it backwards on the same set up,better for areas with less vegitation,the bait will actually swim away from you,under docks, ect,large and smallmouth just can not leave it alone,clear water colors,green pumpkin,watermelon, or smoke work great.

From: Joe: Maine, USA

Comments: If your having a tough day on the water, get you some of these!! They always catch'em when nothing else seems to be working, throw'em out, let it sink, jig a little, and hold on!!

From: Mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

Comments: to expensive for plastic bait. if berkley made these i would buy for cheaper price

Comments: I love this bait it's my favorite lure. ON my first day i used them i caught two 5lb bass. i rigged them with a 4/o ewg owner hook. I fish them texas rig long casts let them sit for 30 seconds then jig twice then let it sit again.

From: Austin: Westlake Village

Comments: OH MY GOD these things are amazing! almost every cast a fish would hit. just thrown on a 3/0 hook texas rigged through the skirt end and they hit it on the drop and ir your shore fishing like i do cast out as far as possible. the only downside is that you get so many hits and the bass love them so much that they just smash them and tear them up.

From: Luke: Thousand Oaks, CA

Comments: The Fat Ika is hands down the best soft bait I have ever used. I fish north east Ma, and NH from ice out to ice in, and the Ika will always produce BIG BASS!

From: David: Haverhill, MA

Comments: Hands down my go to favorite all around lure.  Rigged backwards with a 5/0 hook, you can throw this in any condition into any cover or no cover.  The rate of fall is what gets them.  I have caught my biggest fish on this bait.

From: Ryan: San Francisco, CA

Comments: These things may look funny, but let me tell you they catch all bass.. My rigging is with a 3/0 EWG owner hook, weightless, 6 to 15 lb line, spinning or casting setup, make sure to rig the hook through the skirt first and than back through tex-possed just like a senko. make sure to also reel it back in slowly as it kinda swims back to the boat and you will be surprised at how many bass you catch that way.....

From: Gary: Colorado, USA

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