Z Man Pop Frogz 4pk - $3.99

There are few topwater baits that can match the lively topwater action and performance of the Z Man Pop Frogz. They pop, gurgle and push water with each twitch of the rod, and on a steady retrieve they deliver a lively paddle-foot swimming action. Their narrow profile also allows you to walk them easily along the surface for a different look. Like all Elaztech baits, the Z Man Pop Frogz are extremely buoyant, which allows them to maintain a horizontal profile on the water's surface - even when rigged with big hooks. Available in a range of colors, the Z Man Pop Frogz also have the durability to withstand multiple blow ups and keep chugging.

What separates Elaztech plastics from other soft plastics is their life-like action, natural buoyancy, and unmatched durability. Elaztech baits not only look great, they are also up to 10X tougher than other plastics. They resist nicks, cuts and tears, and that means you're likely to catch a lot more fish on Elaztech before having to replace them.

Do not mix Elaztech baits with standard plastic baits.

Length Quantity
4" 4

Comments: The Z-Man Pop Frogz is the most versatile bait I've ever used. It will pop, skitter, wake, and if by chance it lands upside down and you pull it, it will dive. That's versatile! Additionally, it's made of Elaztech which means it can take a beating, even from the snakeheads down here in SoFlo. And one other thing... it will never fill up with water because Elaztech is naturally buoyant. Sized perfectly to fit a 5/O Gami offset EWG. I've caught many bass on this one. It's a keeper. 

From: Frank: Pompano Beach, FL, USA

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Green Pumpkin
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Z Man Pop Frogz 4pk

6 Available Colors

  • Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 5+
    6" 5+
  • Hot Chartreuse
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 5+
    6" 2
  • Mud Minnow
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 08/14
  • Redbone
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 3
  • Watermelon
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 2
    6" 5+
  • White
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 5+
    6" 5

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