Zoom Magnum Ultravibe Speed Worm 7" 8pk

Zoom Magnum Ultravibe Speed Worm 7

The Zoom Magnum UV Speedworm features added bulk in the body and the unique Ultra Vibe paddle tail. It works great around vegetation with its larger profile and characteristic tail vibration. Texas-rigging is a very effective technique for the Magnum UV Speedworm and can be applied in a variety of ways by varying your weights and line. It can be "buzzed" along the surface above vegetation, fished at shallow to medium depths or on offshore ledges in 10-20 feet of water with great success. The bulkier size allows you to cast much farther and the Ultra Vibe tail design kicks up a lot of water sure to draw vicious strikes.

Length Quantity 7" 8

7 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: One of the best worms I have fished. Continuous to prove its self regardless what body of water i fish. Always a color that will come through.


Comments: I normally use the regular size Ultra Vibe Worm and on a recent order I got a couple bags. They don't sell them around here in magnum size. I have been flipping pads and also swimming it. 8lb, 7lb, 5lb, and maybe other dinks to decent fish. I am super stoked.

From: James: Orange Park, FL 6/29/15

Comments: These are great fish catchers either Carolina rigged or Texas rigged either one. They are extremely soft and fish seem to hold on to them great which makes the hook up rate very high. The only problem that goes along with that is lots of the time you can only get 1 fish per worm or if a fish hits short you lose the tail on the first one.

From: Jeffray: Westport, TN

Comments: love flipping these in the mats down here in florida, and flipping in the saw grass. Has a kind of senko dead stick action with the added vibration of the tail. Zoom just keeps cranking out great baits

Comments: Great product by Zoom. I Texas rig it with 3/16 oz and 4/0 ewg hook. Throw it out there and slowly crank it in . Great in scattered grass and even on grass edges.

From: Bill: Lake Panasoffkee, FL

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