Do-it Jig Weedguard Base Hole Pin 1/8" 50pk

Do-it Jig Weedguard Base Hole Pin 1/8
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The Do-it weedguard jig molds are furnished with special insert pins (base hole pins) for those who prefer to epoxy their weedguard rather than pour around it. To mold the base hole, the pin must be positioned in the mold and then casted. The reusable base hole pins are then removed carefully with pliers. Caution: Use pliers to remove the pin, do not use fingers! The point of the hook will be much too close to the pin and injury could result.

Weedguard Jig Molds

Model Number: BHP-18
Part Number: 1990 

Model Compatible Mold
BHP-18 Arky Jig(3387)
Poison Tail Jig(3420)
Poison Tail Jig II(3419)
Weedless Brush Jig(3467)
Weedless Casting SwimJig(3466)
Weedless Casting SwingJig II(3465)
Weedless Fooball Jig(3318)
Weedless Football Jig II(3434)
Weedless Football Jig III(3501)
Weedless Football Jib IV(3432)

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