Owner Mosquito Hooks

Owner Mosquito Hooks

These fine wire hooks from Owner America may be the perfect hook for dropshotting when you nose hook the bait. The bent down eye allows the hook to come off the line at an angle that exposes the hook point for perfect hooksets when you get bit. The hard, fine wire allows for an incredibly sharp point that is so necessary for good hook penetration when you are fishing with the light lines required with this finesse technique. These hooks also feature a hard corrosion resistant black finish that will help keep the point sharp and the hook strong. The large radius round bend will give you plenty of room for a deep bite in a big bass' upper lip and allow you to play the fish without worrying about losing it.

This is our best selling dropshot hook and it is available in the standard Pocket Pack or the very economical Pro Pack.

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Owner Mosquito Hook Pro Pack #4 57pk $10.99 5+
Owner Mosquito Hook Pro Pack #2 51pk $10.99 5+
Owner Mosquito Hook Pro Pack #1 46pk $10.99 5+
Owner Mosquito Hook Pro Pack 1/0 40pk $10.99 5+
Owner Mosquito Hook Pro Pack 2/0 34pk $10.99 5+
Owner Mosquito Hook 6 10pk $2.29 5+
Owner Mosquito Hook 4 10pk $2.29 5+
Owner Mosquito Hook 2 9pk $2.29 5+
Owner Mosquito Hook 1 8pk $2.29 5+
Owner Mosquito Hook 1/0 7pk $2.29 5+
Owner Mosquito Hook 2/0 6pk $2.29 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: best hook ive ever used... switched all my hooks from gamakatsu to owner know. WOW!

Comments: Use them for lindy rigged spin n glo with leeches for walleye.  Haven't lost a fish yet!!!  Amazing!!

From: Joe: Havelock, Ontario

Comments: My ONLY dropshot hook and the absolute best. I did lose (1) fish last year, but that was out of hundreds of fish. Strong, reliable and super sharp. Nothing but Owner!

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments: Best hook for super finesse wacky rigging any style senko using a rubber "O" ring in the middle. Cant keep count on how many fish I caught so far.

From: Claude: Canada

Comments: Doubled my hook-up percentage over regular octopus hooks.

From: Scott: Pittsburgh, PA 

Comments: Down shotting a nose hooked worm...this is the hook!

From: David, Huntington Beach, CA, USA 7/04

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