Pro-Tec Nu Paint Moisturizer - 16oz

Pro-Tec Nu Paint Moisturizer - 16oz
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Designed specifically for heavily oxidized boats, trucks, and RV’s, the Pro-Tec Nu Paint Moisturizer gently removes oxidation and restores color without damaging the surface of your vehicle. The Pro-Tec Nu Paint Moisturizer contains micro-fine abrasives that remove surface fiberglass, dirt, debris, and the gel coating while simultaneously matching the color of your paint. After the surface has been cleared, just wash and dry, then apply a coat of Pro-Tec Sealant Polish to your boat, truck, or RV for great protection and superior shine. Extend the life of your aging vehicle, remove bothersome oxidation, or spruce up your project with the Pro-Tec Nu Paint Moisturizer.

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