iROD Air Series Casting Rods

The lightest rods iRod has ever created - the iRod Air Series Casting Rods feature an advanced blank construction, which allows them to be incredibly lightweight while maintaining excellent power and durability. Called WXW (Wide X-Wrapping), the blanks feature a structural wrapping system arrayed in cross strips of high modulus carbon cloth band, which reinforces the blanks and makes them more than two-times stronger than normal carbon blanks, and much more responsive. Also equipped with premium Fuji Semi-Micro Guides with Alconite inserts for reduced weight and increased casting distance, Fuji reel seats balance out each rod, and combined with EVA grips deliver all-day comfort. Extra lightweight and super powerful, the iRod Air Series Casting Rods deliver tournament caliber performance that won't let you down.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

iROD Air Series Casting Rod 6'9" Med Hvy

693c - Medium Heavy All Purpose Rod

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 6-12lb 3/16-3/8oz 9+Tip Air Cast A 15" In Stock: 3 $249.99
Air Cast A

iROD Air Series Casting Rod 7' Med Hvy

703c - Medium Heavy All Purpose Rod

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 6-12lb 3/16-3/8oz 9+Tip Air Cast B 15-1/2" In Stock: 3+ $249.99
Air Cast B

iROD Air Series Casting Rod 7' Heavy

704c - Heavy All Purpose Rod

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 10-20lb 1/4-1 1/4oz 9+Tip Air Cast B 15-1/2" In Stock: 3 $249.99
Air Cast B

iROD Air Series Casting Rod 7'5" Heavy

754c - Fred's Signature Model

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 12-20lb 1/2-2oz 9+Tip Air Cast C 16-1/2" In Stock: 2 $249.99
Air Cast C

iROD Air Series Casting Rod 7'7" Bub's Flipping Stick

775c - Bub's Signature Flip Rod

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
15-25lb 1/2-2oz 9+Tip Air Cast C 16-1/2" In Stock: 2 $249.99
Air Cast C

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  • The iRod Air Series Casting Rods are the lightest rods iRod has ever created. Featuring a special blank construction and premium components, they deliver the perfect blend of lightweight sensitivity, power and durability.

  • The iRod Crusher Series Casting Rods deliver the high quality components and advanced materials you need to crush the competition.

  • Delivering high-end, tournament-caliber performance, the new iRod Fiber Series Casting Rods are available at a reasonable price that still leaves you with enough in your wallet for the entry fee.

  • Best Seller

    Literally designed, tested, created and used by some of the best pro bass anglers in the world, the iRod Genesis II Series Casting Rods build on the success of the originals - and are now a full 30% lighter.

Customer Reviews

Comments: After using this rod for a while now, it has become my most favored rod in my arsenal. This rod is the definition of lightweight & sensitive power & the design on it is bad*ss. The long handle allows you to make long casts & take control over bigger fish. The new & improved line guides are very strong & durable. If you are looking for a high-end quality fishing rod with all of the specs to help you succeed out on the water, look no further.

From: Aidan: MD 12/14/15

Comments: i have so many irod, air, genesis II and fiber. They all are AMAZING. Talking about Air i have a 704 and 693. They look cool, they are super light and crisp, well balanced. 704 is the jig and texas rod, super powerfull, undestructable, i use it also for swimbait in sight fishing like jointed claw 178 and this rode handles without fatigue. It's super sensitive. 693, is unbelievable light and you can use it for spinner and light texas, fishing all day without fatigue, and has power for big fish. And, they cost nothing compared to the level of the rod, top quality. Definitely irod is the best rod on the market for the price When you buy one, you want another, and another, more and more. Love them much

From: Eros: Milan, Italy 7/22/15

Comments: Love the rods, super light, super sensitive, quality components, and superior customer service (they replaced a rod for me).  The 7 foot medium-heavy is perfect for general purpose worms/jigs, depending on your preferences.

From: Greg: Mission Viejo, CA 3/27/15

Comments: I just purchased the 754 iRod air series to try it out after reading all the positive reviews, and wow. This rod balance so well and super light weight. Rod comes with Fuji reel seat and k-concept guides. Paired with a Lew's BB1 Pro and it cast extremely smooth and sensitive throught out the rod. Best rod in it's price range. Excellent customer series.

From: Rich: Fresno, CA 3/7/15

Comments: Another victim of the tip being snapped off (after 2nd fish).  Sent in for warranty. Seems the MH model does this the most, according to a few other iRod Air owners and certain reviews/feedbacks. Hopefully the next one is more reliable. ***Update from previous review 3/29/15 *** Got my rod back after dealing with the warranty. Talked with Matt (owner) personally & he helped with a lot of the transaction/warranty procedures and whatnot. Great guy to deal with. Went with the IRA693c this time though. Great customer service ++ 

From: Hmongbass: USA 3/1/15

Comments: Can't say enough about these rods. Bought the 704 & 754 and couldn't be more pleased. Excellent balance,sensitivity and as light weight as they come. Will be ordering another this week.  Only issue I've had was hook keep fell off 704. Wrote Matt at IROD and he sent me 2 more out that week. Great customer service and great rods. Don't hesitate to pick one up.

From: Jason: TN 5/17/14

Comments: Fished this rod out on lake casitas in California. Wow , I have never worm fished and been able to feel ever single movement of my bait so well. These rods are really incredibly sensitive. I can honestly say they are on par with the nrx loomis. . Super light, and super sensitive, what else can I say. You will not find a better rod at this price point. I'm a tournament angler who is sponsored by another brand but I had to write a review because I was impressed with these rods and had to buy one.

From: Tom: Inver Grove Heights, MN 3/25/14

Comments: Had the pleasure of using a couple Air Series the last few months and I am extremely impressed. These rods are phenomenal on all fronts and leave little to be desired from me in terms of lightness, performance, and sensitivity. I have been using the 775, and 754 extensively and have thrown a wide variety of baits on each ranging from small jigs on the 754, to large jigs and small swimbaits on the 775, all of which the rods handled extremely well. The 754, in my opinion, has got to be one of the most versatile rods I have personally fished and has shined for fishing chatterbaits, football jigs, texas rigged plastics, larger spinnerbaits etc.... I prefer longer rods personally and the 754 would fit the niche of most peoples typical go-to 7'-7'3'' rod, light & balanced, its a pleasure to fish with, I currently have a Metanium XG mounted on the rod. The 775 is my big fish rod, almost a side-kick for big jigs, large plastics, pitching, punching & flipping and small swimbaits, its flawless, and houses a lot more power than I originally expected, I have it paired with a Curado 200E7 and it fishes excellent. These new Irods are impressive to say the least! Can't wait to get some more!

From: Colby: OR

Comments: got the 7ft medium on sale for 180. best money i ever spent. the balancr and sensitivity is unreal

From: Mike

Comments: Tacklewarehouse Rocks First of all I have to thank Tacklewarehouse for great service. I chose the iRod after TW gave me credit for another manufacturer rod that was damaged during shipping.  I thought I'd give the iRod a try, and I'm glad I did. If you looking for a real broomstick, the 7Ft Heavy is the way to go. It's lighter than other MH rods I own, yet stiffer than extra heavy rods I own. The manufacturing on the rod is excellent with every guide and details perfect. Big jigs, heavy worms = big bass from heavy cover! Plain blank, smaller guides all help with sensitivity and rod weight.

From: Sprog: South Africa

Comments: I received my replacement rod thanks TW.  I used the same set up as before with no problems to report.  The rod performed nicely.  In about thirty minutes the rod handled two five and a three pounder flawlessly.  I still find myself being really careful with the rod because of the issue I had with the first one.  Hopefully a few more successful catches will give me more confidence in the rod.

From: Brad: Montgomery, Al

Comments: Received my iRod 7MH and my thoughts were wow. I was light, well balanced, and looked awesome. Paired it with a Core 50, 10lb invizx, and 1/4oz stand up jig head.  Second cast the rod snapped below the second guide.  TW staff were helpful and are replacing the rod.  Waiting for the new one to arrive.  Hopefully not the same outcome.

From: Brad: Montgomery, Al

Comments: I bought the 7m for topwater ,rod action is excellent and is very light,but lifting in a fish it snapped 5guides down.hoping it may have been defective.otherwise a great rod and thanks tackle warehouse for great customer service

From: Daniel: Hampton, VA

Comments: update on my post. where my bro b-day gift snap at the tip.  Tacklewarehouse best customer service ever.  they replace rod over the counter for free.  Thanks tacklewarehouse

From: Mang

Comments: I decided to finally treat myself to a high-end rod this year, so I ordered the 6'9" Medium for my shallow cranking. All I can say is simply amazing. This is the lightest, most comfortable rod i've ever held in my hand. It's also incredibly durable - I must have gotten hung up 30 times today, a couple of them bad, and no problems whatsoever. Oh, and it's balanced so well, I can cast on a dime. Seriously incredible rod, can't wait to try the 7'5" heavy for flipping jigs and frogging.

From: Chris: Alexandria, VA, USA

Comments: Got this Rod on the Xmas sale from TW for 150 bucks. Guarantee you will not find a better or lighter rod for that amount of money. This thing is legit. Teamed with my Team Lews Pro I can balance this on my finger all day. Lightest combo I own.

From: Branden: TN

Comments: I own two irods and they are by far the lightest and best rods ive fished with anywhere close to the price range... but... about a week ago I was fishing and during a cast the tip broke below the 2nd guide, I have never had this happen before and I hope it was just a defect.. I called tacklewarehouse and as always they are awesome and are replacing the rod for me.  I still have faith in the irods and don't think you can buy a better rod for under $300.

From: Sebastian: Massapequa,NY

Comments:  This is the first IROD I've purchased. Got the 7' Heavy. All I can say is WOW!! This rod is incredible. Light, balanced, unbelievably sensitive and looks sick. Well worth the money. Can't wait to get another. Thanks IROD

From: Jason: TN

Comments: In my opinion, i think that the taper is well balance. I also like the equiped kr guides. at first i thought that the longer handle was kinda weird but after trying one out, it feels better than the shorter handle and have more leverage overall. own two. thinking about getting a third one. prefer these over the gen 2. good rod from irod.

From: L: MN

Comments: I own 3 of these rods! Great rods! Very light with great action. I think these rods are some of the best on the market. Im not a owner but a Texas boy who loves to bass fish! Great Job IRod

From: Chauncey: TX

Comments: I picked one of these up and they are light as a feather!! I own all crucials which are one of the best bang for buck rods In my opinion but i am in love with this rod, everything about it.  I let my uncle hold it the other day he couldnt believe it was a heavy action.

From: Sebastian: Copiague, NY

Comments: Bought the 7' 5" rod......never heard of Irod here in the Midwest.  Using it for Buzz frog fishing in the weeds on the Mississippi River. After a month of use, I'm convinced it was a great buy.  Very light, great hook set, and enough  backbone to pull them out of cover.....time will tell how it handles wear and tear.

From: Dick: Sterling, IL

Comments: The 754 Air Series is a great rod, very light weight and very balanced. I love throwing a big jig and a big worm on it. It's very a versatile rod. I own 2 in the air series and 2 in the Gen 2 series. The guy who says he thinks all the reviews are from the owners of the company, I highly doubt that. These are great sticks. Maybe you should pick one up and try for yourself.

From: Kevin: Valencia, CA

Comments: I bought one for my bro b day.  We went river fishing for smallies and he set the hook on a 2 pounder smallie and the tip snap like a twig.  All i heard was a loud snap.  we hope this is a manufacture defect.

From: Mang: Green Bay

Comments: I think all the comments are from the irod company owners. All comments are from the same area and same people. I have not tried the rod, but i would not base my decision on the other reviews.

From: John: NY

Comments: I bought  the 7" MH-F   Well I'll say this. It won't be the only one I buy. Sensitivity and back bone are amazing. And the look,feel and comfort are beautiful. Thx guys keep up The good work!

From: Mason: North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Comments: I recently purchased the 745 which is a 7'5 Heavy. It has been a great rod to throw frogs, big jigs, small swimbaits and even light pitching. The rod is light weight and extremely sensitive.

From: Chris: Southern CA

Comments: Literally the lightest most sentive rod ive ever fished with. Well worth the money for the rod. Picked up the 7 ft 5 heavy and its the lightest flipping stick ive ever fished! Going to pick up the 7 ft medium next

From: Jeremy: Lake Fork, TX

Comments: Got a bunch of these rods this week , fished a tournament with them and instantly loved them . Best new rods I've seen in a while .

From: Mike

Comments: Professional grade stick. Lighter and more sensitive than my IMX Loomis sticks. The actions are spot on. Goodbye Loomis! Thank you Matt Newman!

From: Doug: Ventura, CA

Comments: Amazing, super high quality rods! Love em' I got the 754 and am planning on getting all of the models at one point cause they are so awesome! Especially with the JDM detailing! i give them a 10/10 for sure!

From: Christian: CA

Comments: OMG these rods are awesome!! Ive noticed theyve made the handles a bit longer on each of these models to make them more balanced. I really enjoy the longer handles. Plus the lightness, looks, and sensitivitey of this rod compares to no other at the price point!

From: Nicholas: San Jose, CA

Comments: These new rods are a vast improvement over the first series . IMHO there is no rod that even comes close to these for this price . I have six of them and will be adding more to my collection . I own loomis , dobyns and Powell and am not knocking them in any way , it's just that these seem to be a breath of fresh air to the rod marked .yeahhhhh.....

From: Mike

Comments: These rods are so sick!! With the JDM detailing and the lightness of the rod, It makes it superior to any other rod on the market. I own mostly steez and loomis rods. but for the money this rod is way more worth it. I am now making a complete switch to these air series rods. This rod honstely feels like a feather in your hand.

From: Johnathon: Los Angeles, CA

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