Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper

A long time standard of coastal surf fishermen, the Cotton Cordell's Pencil Popper is designed to deliver super-long casts. Within the tail section of each Pencil Popper  is an added weight that forces the lure to sit 'tail down,' creating a bobbing target. All Pencil Poppers are designed for a relatively heavy line and are equipped with super-strong, rust resistant hooks.

Cotton Cordell  Weight Class Hooks
Pencil Popper 6" 1oz Topwater 1/0
Pencil Popper 7" 2oz Topwater 3/0

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

4 Colors

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    Model No. C6604
    Size Stock Qty
    6" 10+
    7" 5+
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    Model No. C6606
    Size Stock Qty
    6" 10+
    7" 5+
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    Model No. C6620
    Size Stock Qty
    6" 5+
    7" 10+
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    Model No. C6693
    Rainbow Trout
    Size Stock Qty
    6" 3
    7" 5

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Dont waste money with copy cats that are 4 to 5 x the price. This lure just works! Easy to work, lots of noise big splash too for those slightly windy days working it for stripers!  Cast a mile! The only down side is the color selection.

From: CA

Comments: the original. every pencil popper today is actually a clone of this bait. its been around forever, with good reason. it catches lots of fish, especially stripers.

Comments: a clone of the ima big stick,ata uch cheaper price.this lure whileit looks bland,boring and like not much,lemme tell u im not sure what it exactly is about it but fish LOVE to hit,kill and destroy this thing.its a real fun bait to use and watch the water boiling strikes.

From: Stevieboy: Chicago

Comments:This lure is a sleeper. The originals were used in the surf for stripers, but now with the lighter smaller versions, the fresh water fisherman can use them for topwater bass fishing. I call them the frugal mans gunfish by luckycraft. I don't say there superior but thier close. Also, the price is great. No lure on the market walks as easily or cast and hooks any better. If you give them a try I'm sure you will agree. Bait casting outfits with a 7ft. medium action rod and 17lb. to 25lb. mono works for me----

From:Wes: Salinas, CA

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