Duo Realis Rozante 63SP

Duo Realis Rozante 63SP

The Duo Realis Rozante 63SP is a proven finesse jerkbait that produces a deadly, panicked darting action, and also offers amazing castability despite its small size. Its small yet beefy body allows it to mimic shad and a variety of baitfish, and like all Duo Realis baits it features amazing lifelike detailing. It suspends perfectly on the pause and, and its advanced magnet detaching moving weight system delivers bullet-like casts even in strong head winds and side winds.  Perfect for times when bass are keying in on smaller bait fish or you find yourself in tough, pressured conditions, the Duo Realis Rozante 63SP Jerkbait is another stellar offering from Duo Realis.

Duo Realis Length Weight Class Hooks
Rozante 63SP 2-1/2" 3/16oz Suspending #10

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

10 Colors

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