Gamakatsu Wicked Wacky Hook 3pk

Gamakatsu Wicked Wacky Hook 3pk

Delivering some unique innovations all its own, the Gamakatsu Wicked Wacky Hook is designed for fishing wacky rig and drop shot applications in heavy cover situations.  Built on Gamakatsu’s sturdy Shiner hook, the Wicked Wacky Hook features a durable, hand-tied weedguard to provide necessary snag protection.  A hollow tube is also hand-tied to the hook shank, which allows you to run the tag end of the line back through once you have tied your knot - keeping the line in perfect position for pitching a drop shot into heavy cover.  Super sharp like all Gamakatsu hooks, the Gamakatsu Wicked Wacky Hook gives you the ability to use heavier line and pitch a drop shot into places most anglers would have never thought was possible.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This sounds wild, but I have seen it work. The hollow tube that runs even with the hook can be used to tie a stinger and run a second, smaller wacky worm. I like a regular zoom trick worm up top with a smaller zoom finesse worm below. Works amazing on bedding fish and in clearer waters, try it. Also works fine with a normal hook this was just the first hook I tried the setup on.

From: Weston: Batesville, AR 1/4/15

Comments: Love Gamakatsu hooks, but these are poorly designed. When you set the hook with these it pulls out of the fishes mouth. The best way to use them is like a circle hook. Wait for the fish to have the bait and just start reeling. They work ok but I wouldn't recommend them.

From: Chris: FL 9/4/14

Comments: These hooks are great. Caught a bunch of hook throwing, high flying smallies in 20 ft of water on lake bomoseen in vt. Unlike some other reviewers, I've never lost a fish with these. Some people need to learn how to set a hook properly before they review this awesome hook. Tight lines!

From: Jeff: NJ

Comments: These combined with an o ring are awful hooks. The worm never stays in the correct place on the hook because the belly is too big. If you put the worm directly on the hook they do not slide. I like using the o rings because they increase my hookup ratio and allow me to use less worms.

Comments: This is a good idea but don't like the shiner hook. I have lost every fish I hook up. Wacky rigged, this hook is a joke for smallmouth. As soon as one hits the surface, goodbye fish. Really liked using it for drop shot rigs until I caught a decent bass and lost it when it surfaced. Mabey I was using too small of a hook but I have no confidence in these hooks.

From: Jesse: WV

Comments: Wacky worms are one of my goto tools when the bite is tough. This hook makes it much better when i'm around grass and other cover. Great product. They are the sharpest too.

From: vidsoutmike: LA

Comments: Not sure about the negative comments?  This is the best wacky hook out there.  I use the 2/0 almost exclusively.  The weed guard never impeads the hook set, and I have never had one come appart.  It brought in an 8# Texas Bass, and a 5# 14oz Mississippi River Bass up here in Illinois already this year.

From: Old 63: IL

Comments: these hooks are a good idea that doesn't translate into results in the water. the wiskers are too soft and will deform if left bent in a tackle box. the whiskers are also do a poor job of deflecting wood and grass. It is like fishing with a bare hook. the whiskers and wrapping only lasts a couple of fish as well. falcon still makes the best wacky hook.

From: bassnredfish

Comments: Over the winter I read about these new hooks, I thought for sure they'd be the best wacky hook out there. Turns out they aren't. Although the weedguard design is better than gamakatsu's weedless finesse hooks, the hook itself is a downgrade for wacky rigging. The hook is a shiner hook (design mistake by gamakatsu), and the worm does not sit properly on it and frequently you will find your worm double hooked. The owner weedless wacky hook remains the #1 hook for shallow water wacky rigging. I left my 2/0 pack of these hooks at the lake.

From: Jamal: Chanhassen, MN

Comments: Used a 4/0 with a 7" Strike King Ocho. Lost the first fish and realized I had to trim the weedguard back to extend just passed the point. Nailed 2 good fish out of heavy brush in the next 10 minutes. Great hook, although I'm going to get the 5/0 for the big senkos.

From: Grant: South Africa

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