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Lucky Craft Slender Pointer MR - $17.99 to $18.99

The Lucky Craft Slender Pointer MR is what many smallmouth anglers around the country have been waiting for - a more slender version of Lucky Craft's original Pointer Minnow. The action of these new baits has also been changed to appeal more to the smallmouth angler. The slender design creates a more erratic side-to-side action designed to drive smallmouth wild. Smallmouth Bass are known to slash at a jerk bait, so to increase the hooking ratio the Slender Pointers also feature three razor sharp Diaiichi treble hooks. Lucky Craft's patented weight transfer system allows you to cast the Slender Pointer like a bullet even in the wind. Like all Lucky Craft suspending jerkbaits, the new Slender Pointers will suspend perfectly horizontal in the water, and will stay there no matter how long you pause them.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Class Hook Depth
Slender Pointer 97 4" 3/8oz Suspending #6 3-4ft
Slender Pointer 112 4-1/2" 1/2oz Suspending #5 4-5ft
Slender Pointer 127 5" 3/4oz Suspending #4 4-5ft

 Tackle Tour Editor's Choice Award
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Comments: The 97 is the best jerkbait ive found. Chartreuse shad is a great color for the Tennessee river. Ive caught largemouths and smallies on the thing. Love to throw it on fluoro so you can feel how hard they hit this thing cause its usually with serious authority. I throw it around rip rap and rock points for the smallies. Only one drawback to the thing and its that the bills break on them rather easy. Ive got 10 or 12 hanging on the wall with a broken lip. Its frustrating when their $17 a piece, but I still love the bait.

From: Will: AL

Comments: You found it! 97MR is probably the best rip bait out there. I like to think I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to rippin, so I know what's up. If you only have to buy one rip bait, here you go.

From: meatwad: rippin n sippin

Comments: i use the 97 in american shad and catch so many trout on it (big ones) i had to go get some more.i do not like to spend that much money on a jerkbait but they are very well worth it. i caught a 17 pound brown on it and several 8 to 10 punders on it also.

From: Adam: Bluff City

Comments: Used the 127 for stripers, great action and stripers are just killing this bait. It is a great bait, cast very well, shallow running compared to a 128 pointer. Chart, aurora, and ghost are best color for me.  Limit every time with these baits.

From: Ger: Fresno, CA

Comments: Picked up the 97 and took it to the river this last Feb.  I caught small mouth bass, chain pickerel, and rainbow trout all on this lure.  It suspends very nicely, almost a slow sink to it.  My buddy was fishing a Smithwick Rogue, and caught just as many as I did, so I don't know if its worth the extra 10 bucks or not.  The slender pointer is pretty durable too, I caught at least 10 pickerel, and it held up.  I wish TW had more colors to choose from.  I had to order one from Ebay to get nishiki

From: TJ: Ozarks

Comments: Comments:97 MR. Say it with me: 97 MR. MR must mean MOST RADDEST because it is just that, RAD. A good all season bait. If you have water that has clarity to it, give it a try. Looking over my ripbait box, 85% of my rippers are the what? You guessed it... 97 MR.

From: Meatwad: Out Of Town

Comments: Best rip bait out there, caught more fish on the Chartreuse Shad than any other lure I have.

From: Brian: San Franciso, CA

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Lucky Craft Slender Pointer MR

7 Available Colors

  • American Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    97 Out $17.99
    112 2 $18.99
    127 Out $18.99
  • Aurora Black
    Size Stock Price Qty
    97 3+ $17.99
  • Chartreuse Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    97 3 $17.99
    112 1 $18.99
    127 Out $18.99
  • Citrus Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    112 3 $18.99
  • Ghost Minnow
    Size Stock Price Qty
    97 3+ $17.99
    112 3+ $18.99
    127 Out $18.99
  • Ghost Pearl Ayu
    Size Stock Price Qty
    97 Out $17.99
  • MS MJ Herring
    Size Stock Price Qty
    112 2 $18.99