Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20 10pk

Reaction Innovations' soft plastic baits are becoming the hottest baits in the bass fishing market. The reason for their success is easy to see once you get one of their baits in your hands. Reaction Innovations has been able to perfect fantastic two and three color shots that give the Sweet Beaver great swirl and two-tone patterns unlike anything you or the fish have ever seen. Also adding to the great success of the Sweet Beavers is the unique design. Owner and pro fishermen, Andre Moore, has taken his years of on the water experience and created a bait that is tough and compact, but moves a lot of water and has lots of action in almost any situation.

The body of the Sweet Beaver features forward facing ribs that create lots of pressure waves that let bass know something is moving and offers bass a texture that they seem to like when they inhale the lure. The centerline is recessed for better hook penetration but the 'nose' of the lure is thick to hold your hook without tearing on every fish. The long, flat, beaver tail is textured on the flat surfaces and along the edge, and it's splitable so you can have a twin tail look, an attention to detail not seen in most soft plastic lures. The Sweet Beaver also has additional tails set at 90 degrees to the beaver tail for fish attracting movement no matter which way the lure is moved.

Length Quantity
4.2" 10

Tommy Biffle used 1-2-3 punch and flipped his way to victory for his most recent Elite Series win at Wheeler.

His baits were:

  • A 3/8-ounce Lunker Lure Rattleback jig (black/blue) tipped with a Gene Larew Super Salt Biffle craw (black/blue with sapphire-blue claws)
  • A Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20 (black/red), Texas-rigged with a 5/16-ounce Tru-Tungsten Worm weight and 4/0 Reaction Innovations BMF hook, and pegged with a Tru-Tungsten Peter T. Smart Peg.
  • An 8.5" Gene Larew Biffle-O lizard (black-neon), which is a hollow-body and hollow-tail lizard. He Texas-rigged it with the same weight and pegging system, but used a 5/0 Owner hook.

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  • 51 Colors

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    Customer Reviews

    Comments: On pressured waters this is becoming my go to flipping bait. I used jigs in the past, but the bass are to conditioned . However these beavers get it done. Dirty sanchez is the color I prefer.

    From: Kyle: Ohio 11/21/16

    Comments: No doubt, Sweet Beavers are THE bait to catch largemouths all summer long. When are others are throwing worms, spinner baits & crank baits, I'm picking up the nice fish that they are missing. Dirty Sanchez, Penetration and California 420 are my favorites.

    From: Jim: WI 8/8/16

    Comments: Best beaver style bait out there! I absolutely love this bait. I've been using them since I got into bass fishing and can't stop buying them. Keep it up.

    From: Dominic: USA 8/1/16

    Comments: Best beaver style bait out on the market caught a 15lb limit in a hour when nothing else was working

    From: Logan: Farmland, IN 6/28/16

    Comments: I have these lures in 4 different colors. Dirty Sanchez, Houdini, Smoke Red/Black & Watermelon. I also have the larger 5" version in California 420 & I have always had success with these baits. The action is ridiculously good & with the only scent application for them being salt buying these baits is a literal no brainer. BUY THESE BAITS!

    From: Chris: Racine, WI 6/17/16

    Comments: These are good baits the action isn't as good as the rage bugs but they do hold up better overall a good bait

    From: Wyatt: FL 10/26/15

    Comments: Great bait! I picked up a pack of the black and blue color & use them as jig trailers or just texas rigged. Caught quite a few bass before I begin to see any tear on the baits. Pitching them weightless under docks seems to always get me a fish or two on a day when nothing else works. Reaction Innovations keep it up!

    From: Lex: MN 9/16/15

    Comments: I picked up a pack of the Fried Watermelon & I now wish I would have bought more. I bank fish a lot, and lately these have been the only bait I grab for, I really like to Texas rig these bad boys, and watch the fish explode on them when I glide them over thick lilly pads, and the action on these things in the water is just awesome. These baits have also been the most durable for me, I have had less rips, and tars, and have been able to use the same bait over, and over to bring in multiple fish. Needless to say I will be buying more of these in the future.

    From: Thomas: St. Croix Falls, WI 7/6/15

    Comments: WOW! Simply THE best creature bait I've ever used. Texas rig it, peg it, jig trailer or weightless these baits CATCH FISH! Amazing gliding and flappin' action. Especially love the sprayed grass pattern in clear water.

    From: Jake: Fort Wayne, IN 5/28/15

    Comments: this is my favorite beaver style bait, and my confidence bait. i fish it on a swim jig ora shakey head. To get rid o that plastic smell use some pro cure craw attractant. great lure though, your missing out if you donate have at least 5pkcs of these.

    From: Matthew: Lakeville, MN 4/3/15

    Comments: Sure the baits smell like plastic, but they catch fish like nothing else. First time I ever bought them was just because there was 10 to a pack and I wanted the most bait for the least amount of money. I have not bought another beaver Bait since. They were just my favorite jig trailer but then I tried flipping them and the second tree I flipped I got a 4 1/2 lber. I love them so much.

    From: Drew: Pillager, MN 3/14/15

    Comments: Still whacking em. They DO smel like plastic, probably because they are made of plastic, but squirt in some smelly jelly (into the bag) and that problem is solved. Super size your jig by putting one of these on the back.

    From: Jay6: USA 9/21/14

    Comments: These are some of the meanest flippin' baits I've ever used! when fish are pressured, I use these baits with much success!

    From: Kevin: TN 7/11/14

    Comments: Pairs nicely on a MESU Raptor swim jig; caught my personal best on a 1/2oz green/purple/wtrmelon and a Violator trailor. Same 1 bait held up through 6 fish and could've still kept going.

    From: Patrick: Milwaukee, WI 6/3/14

    Comments: I only fish California and Dirty Sanchez most of the time.  Has anyone noticed that the past year or so the colors they are putting on the shelves has changed drastically?  Dirty Sanchez and California are not the same color they were 2 years ago, or anything close to it.  Frustrating because I am frantically searching for a replacement or a pack of the old color style.

    From: Chris: AL

    Comments: these are my favorite soft plastic baits as trailers and texas rigs. These were one of my first soft plastic baits i used when i started bass fishing and i still use them almost every time i go out bass fishing

    From: Dave: CA

    Comments: Absolutely LOVE these baits. My personal favorite color is Dirty Sanchez. I keep two baits tied on at ALL times. a spinner bait and a Beaver. I fish em Texas rigged and catch fish. Put em behind a jig and catch fish. Punch em and catch fish. Throw em like a Senko and guess what...catch fish. As far as plastics go this is by far my "confidence" bait. I have a lot of luck on the river with smallies and spots when i pitch it up on the bank and drag it in the water. Sorry for the rant but DO like these baits.

    From: Kevin: Mt. Juliet, TN

    Comments: These baits are great for the fisher on a budget. Though they don't have all the action that a lot of soft plastics do, they do have durability. And when the fish want a little less action these are the way to go. Plenty of colors to choose from and 10 to a pack for only $5! that's a steal! I also like the slightly smaller profiles of these compared to other "rodent" style baits. I usually texas rig these but after reading reviews I'm going to start using them as a trailer.

    From: Sean: OR

    Comments: These bait's r awesome either with a jig or by itself texas rig.

    From: Nitroman: Muskegon MI

    Comments: best bait by far I have ever fished I flip em and use them as a jig trailer.

    From: Bob: Diamond Valley Lake

    Comments: fished the magic craw swirl and watermelon red!! went through them like butter!! this bait out does any bait that I fished with.. best bait EVER!!!!

    From: Matthew: Milwaukee, WI

    Comments: Zeke, its not always a bunch of action that you want your bait to have. The claws on these move back and forth when stood up on the bottom. One of my favorite punch baits. Backwater blue and dirty sanchez get the job done.

    From: Bryce: Trabuco canyon california

    Comments: Fantastic bait. Fished the white trash color near eddies in the river or near the edges of weedbeds on inland lakes. Fish with a VMC Rugby head and fish it like a jig. Definitely going to be one of my new go-to lures.

    From: Mark: Elkhart, IN

    Comments: Very durable baits but absolute crap when it comes to action, I get more action throwing a bare hook and fishing on credit then with these baits.

    From: Zeke: FL

    Comments: Dirty Sanchez is the color to use. Place it on the back of a Triple Rattle Back jig in green pumpkin or dark green pumpkin.  It works really well on Jordan Lake, NC.

    From: Dan: Cary, NC

    Comments: Pure radness. Dudes were fighting over these when they first came out, but now everyone can enjoy em. Flipped, pitched, weightless, on a shakey head, or just texas rigged, they catch fish, and good ones. Not durable at all, but that is why mend-it is around. Been slayin the fatties for over a decade, so if you dont fish 'tha beave' then you kinda suck.

    From: meatwad: huntin beaver

    Comments: Got a pack of Xmas pumpkin a couple week back and decided to give them a try. Put one behind a jig and Bam! Fish on. Also tied it on a Texas rig, got three in about 20 min. These baits are very durable too. One last note te baits are not scented so the action speaks for itself.

    From: Ryan: Chitown, IL

    Comments: When money is on the line, and I am flipping weeds, wood, or any heavy nasty cover, the RI Beaver is my go to bait. Durability. not so much, but they catch, and that's what counts. There are alot of knock offs out there, and most of them can't touch the Sweet Beaver.  It's Reaction Innovations or nothing for me.

    From: Brad: NY

    Comments: This is by far my favorite Soft plastic for jigging. I use the Hematoma and the California 420 and i love them. They have pretty good durability and last for a while. The are really BOSS and catch a lot of fish.

    From: Henry: San Luis Obispo, CA

    Comments: Still whackin em after all these years. Add a punch skirt and take your friend's money!

    From: Meatwad: not donating

    Comments: These baits are killer on  my home waters of Lake Champlain! Get in the grass and flip and pitch your heart out! You'll fill your boat in a hurry! Fish on!

    From: Nick: Colchester, VT

    Comments: Best ever, it's simple, they produce fish and quality ones too. A little hard, but it does not seem to bother the bass!

    From: Kollin: USA

    omments: this is the all time best flip bait and jig trailer in the world this my alltime time all year round i use all the sizes and almost all the colors all i can say if i had to have to pick one bait to use for the rest of my life i would teaxs rig this with a 1/4 to 3/8 oz bullet weight BUY THIS BAIT

    From: Shawn: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    Comments: These are my fav Creature soft baits 4.20 Green Pumpkin. I catch so many bass on these. Also split the leaf in half it gets bite more

    From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

    Comments: The BEST creature bait on the market!  This is my go to flipping and jig trailer bait.  Colors I prefer are backwater blue, big texan, bloody mary, coonasty, juicy, hematoma and magic craw swirl.  They all seem to do really well in my local waters.  Just tie one on and go catch some fish!

    From: Eric: Northern California

    Comments: Dude! these are just the best flippin bait ever.... i was flippin this bait today, into and around the weed matts were the bass had been piling up to get some shade, and since this baits is so good at gettin in and out of thick cover. I whacked em! caught a 5 pounder, two 4 pounders, and a bunch of fish at or below 3 pounds in only about an hour. rigged a green pumkin one with a 1/4 oz tungsten weight and a 3/0 gamkatsu superline worm hook with 15 pound seagar Abrazx.

    From: A.J.: Florida

    Comments: This bait was perfectly designed to catch fish. The larger body profile coupled with smaller appendages makes it easy to pitch under docks, small areas and punch mats. Biologically, fish are programmed to eat it. I own several different colors but my favorite is green pumpkin with the tips died in chartreuse and orange spike it. Won a couple tournaments last year on this bait.

    From: Mike: St. Louis, MO

    Comments: Amazing creature bait for flippin' and pitchin'. My go-to tournament bait.

    From: Joe: Hartsdale, NY

    Comments: This is my go to bait, even on those tough days so many of us experience. i have caught a ton of my better fish on it and always have one tied on even if they are deep i got one rod i use for them and it is always on the deck of my boat.

    From:Jeremy: Glenpool, OK 

    Comments: I use them for flippin and as a trailer on jigs. Love them.

    From:Earl: Campbellsville, KY

    Comments: Have been using as jig well!

    From:Paul: Lake Hickory, NC

    Comments:Great flipping bait, I recommend putting a nail in the front... gives it a different look.

    From:Buzand: Castaic Lake, CA

    Comments:A good bait for flipping. I have caught some kicker largemouth and smallmouth on it. I'll actually do well fishing it on a 1/4 oz. or 3/8 oz. shakey the Reaction Innovations or Picasso. I stick with the stand bye green pumpkin and black/blue type colors.

    From:Jon: East Fallowfield, PA

    Comments: A versatile bait. The Sweet Beaver is good flipping bait, with decent size and good bulk. But it excels as a whole. Dragging, Carolina rigging, jig trailer. Ive had good success with a light T-rig, including one tournament win and many kicker fish.

    From:Chris: S. California, USA

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