Roboworm Alive Shad

Roboworm Alive Shad
The Roboworm Alive Shad is one of Roboworm's most effective finesse baits. Its "hand poured" style shad-shaped body is super sensitive and supple, creating a realistic and enticing action. Roboworm uses state-of-the-art robotic technology (hence the name Robo-worm) to create consistent, well-defined colors every time. The dynamic color combinations give anglers different options and provide the versatility to catch fish in all types of conditions.

Excellent for split shotting, the curved belly of the shad-shaped bait makes it float and glide enticingly through the water. The Alive Shad is also a great choice for dropshotting. The thin tail section offers plenty of movement even when the bait is still. When the bait gets bit, Roboworm's exclusive Salt Release System provides a burst of salt that will make bass hold on longer for a better catch ratio. Roboworm and the Alive Shad are quickly becoming the choice for anglers and pros across the U.S because of their consistency and effectiveness, especially on highly pressured fish.

Length Quantity
3" 10
4" 8

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The discription, the color combinations & common sense, indicate that the flat side is the top and the "curved belly" would be the belly. (aka bottom) Also the thicker end is to be considered as the "head" while the thin tapered opposite end should be regarded as the tail. Extensive testing has proven that when fish are present and in are inclined to eat, the "Shad" styled bait is effective either way, especially in the winter months when Shad die-offs commonly occur. When fish are not present and/or not inclined to eat the Shad styled bait, then it is non-effective either way. (As with tail and head) It is recommended by the Robo-Science Team (yes they are robots) to fish them in any way you see fit

From: Outcast: CA 3/28/16

Comments: Absolutely one of the best drop-shot baits on the market, period. It just works...super simple design but the colors and hand pours, I believe, make the difference.  I prefer the 4" but it doesn't matter. All the colors work great just adjust according to the forage base in the B.O.W. you're fishing. These rly can save a day of fishing/tournament. If the bite is tough, go to a drop-shot w/ one of these... I think the subtly of them just gets them biting. Even when it's so tough that they won't bite other drop shot baits I've switched to these and had 2 or 3 or a limit in no time off the same offshore area/hump/structure that I was just casting w/ some other drop-shot worm.  Even if they're biting well, use em then too and they're great either way. Buy some, you'll love them. There is no better baits for finesse fishing than ROBOWORM...period. ALSO: The flat side is the BOTTOM, thats the way I always rig it...I know in the picture some are shown facing both ways but Roboworm always does their salt layer on the bottom of their baits and the salt's' on the bottom. This also helps the baits stand out straight. So it is NOT to be rigged like a sluggo w/ flatside on top, flat side faces DOWN and you'll do much better than the opposite option. Nose-hook as well. I know some ppl use off-set hooks but don't w/ these.

From: Tanner: Westport, MA, USA

Comments: This is one of the best anytime dropshot baits on the market. It will catch fish from 40 degree water on up. This January (2012) we have caught several nice bass in water temps of 40 to 43 in depths up to 42 feet of water. A couple over 5 lbs. Largemouth and Smallies alike love this bait, even a small striper every now and then. 

From: Mark: Roanoke, VA

Comments: Been slaying the steelhead with baby blue gill on the drop shot here in SLO county. 

From: Gabe: Grover Beach, CA

Comments: I use this all the time at Castaic Lake here in So Cal and it has replaced my 4" Oxblood Red Flake Roboworm as my most productive drop shot bait.  You'll definitely get more smaller fish, but I've also boated fish over 4 lbs on this small bait when the bite is tough.

From: Jim: Sherman Oaks, CA

Comments:This is a great bait, I have a Plano 3701 full of every color. I depend on these baits on a drop shot for tournaments and they do work. This weekend I'm trying it on a Carolina rig but drop shoting is number 1 for smallmouth.

From:Jake: East Haddam, CT

Comments:We have been using the Roboworm Alive Shad in Baby Bluegill color for the last 3 weekends in a row, and have been absolutely hammering the bass with them. Fished off a drop-shot with a 3/16 weight, 6lb line, and a 12" lead between bait and sink, these tiny plastics simply drive the bass mad.

From:Dan: Yucca Valley, CA

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