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Sunline FC Sniper Fluorocarbon (Japan) offers greatly improved performance thanks to a new manufacturing process utilizing a newly developed high molecular weight fluorocarbon. This provides it with a higher tensile and knot strength over the original FC Sniper, as well as, dramatically higher abrasion resistance. A Triple Resin Processing with new, specialized resins also help it resist dirt and debris, so it doesn't get dirty even in muddy water, and parallel spooling also keeps line from flattening.

Sunline FC Sniper Fluorocarbon (Japan) even features an exclusive test specific line texture design: Strength is paramount for 2-6lb, while line lay on the reel and castability are the priorities for 7-12lb. For 13lb and over, sensitivity and abrasion-resistance are emphasized for flipping, pitching and fishing around snaggy cover. Delivering improved knot strength and straight strength, Sunline FC Sniper Fluorocarbon (Japan) also delivers enhanced abrasion resistance - all while remaining supple for easy handling.

-100% fluorocarbon
-Triple resin coating for softer supple handling
-Excellent abrasion resistance
-Low memory
-Allows for longer usage
-Uniform line diameter

Line Diameter 5lb 6lb 7lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 13lb 14lb 16lb 18lb 20lb 22lb 25lb 30lb
Inches .0075 .0081 .0086 .0093 .0102 .0112 .0118 .0122 .0130 .0138 .0146 .0153 .0159 .0171
Millimeters .190 .205 .219 .235 .260 .285 .300 .310 .330 .350 .370 .388 .405 .435

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  best fluoro yet, lost a toad on stren 100% in the sticks and decided to make a change. Mainly focused on panfish, small bass and crappie so i need a small diameter line to finesse these rats on late summer days. Sunline has the small diameter line that I need and strength that I desire

From: Cody: Kalispell, MT, USA

Comments: I started using fc sniper after I lost a giant spawner flipping reed mats with 6 lb. red label. I'm only focused on small Montana largemouths but with fc sniper I feel confident and secure with spending a little more money, that I can horse these rats into the boat

From: Cody: Col. Falls, MT USA

Comments: Outstanding fluoro line for finesse fishing. It has low memory, good abrasion resistance and low stretch.  It is very slick allowing for excellent casting distance.  My only complaint is that the spools available from TW are only 165 yards and every where else (including the Sunline website) lists the spools at 200 yards. Normally 35 yards wouldn't be a big issue but at the cost of this line it makes a $5.95 overcharge.

From: Doug: Glendale, AZ, USA

Comments: I have been true to this line for some time now, never had any issues what so ever and been over all real happy with the stuff. Recently I purchased a spool of 10# & 12#. 12# no issue, however the 10# has about 2 rod lengths of red colored line in the middle of the spool, never seen this and not happy at all about it. Has anyone else experienced this?

From: B: Huntington Beach, CA

Comments: Great line!

From: David: Nebraska 

Comments: I bought a spool of 6lb and 10lb when they did the "buy one, get one" promo.  havent had any problems or complaints with the 10lb on a shimano scorpion, but I am seriously disappointed with my experience with the 6lb.  topped off two reels, three different times, and each time I got no more than a few casts before line twist became so bad i cut it off.  the third re-spool effort was done by my tourney partner, so whatever we BOTH did wrong, i'm not quite sure.  I wont be buying any more of this stuff.  im sure i'd be more annoyed had I paid full price!! ridiculous waste of $$$ for me

From: John: San Deigo

Comments: maybe if they add "for pros only" more peeps would buy it. Lame.

From: meatwad: (Japan)

Comments: It says (Japan) in the description so it must be worth almost 30 bucks lol. Another marketing scheme.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: its a good and smooth line, and small diameter, but it doesnt hold  knots well. use the polomar knot.

From: Kendog: Up North

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