Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green

Sunline enlisted the help of BASS Elite Series veteran pro, and one of the best frog fisherman on the planet, Dean Rojas, to help develop a braided line that would be perfect for frog fishing and flipping. The result was Sunline’s FX2 Braided Line. Created specifically for these two power techniques, FX2 Braid features 8-strands of polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate for excellent abrasion resistance and improved color retention. Also offering a smooth, circular shape as opposed to the oval shape of most braided lines, Sunline FX2 Braided Line delivers all the features and performance you would expect from premium Sunline braid.

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Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green 50lb 125yd $18.99 5+
Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green 60lb 125yd $18.99 5+
Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green 80lb 90yd $18.99 5+
Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green 50lb 300yd $37.99 5+
Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green 60lb 300yd $37.99 5+
SunLine Dark Green FX2 Braided Line 80lb 230yd $37.99 5+
Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green 50lb 600yd $69.99 1
Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green 60lb 600yd $69.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I use this for all heavy use straight-braid applications - which for me usually includes flipping/punching setups and frogging. I use 60-pound test for both. I have used PP and Sufix 832 in the same weight (60 or 65- pound) and they lose their color and eventually fray up after a few months of use. Both of those lines are also a little too limp, which causes the line to wrap annoyingly around the top eye, hook keeper, etc. This line is more stout and minimizes some of the unwanted affects of a thinner-diameter braid. It also keeps it's color and stays is great shape all season long. I plan to put 80-pound on a Curado 300E for larger swimbaits next season.The thicker diameter is a tradeoff though - it fills up your spool faster. Keep this in mind when ordering and choosing a reel to put it on! Top-notch line and the absolute best heavy braid I've used to date. 

FromMatt: Northern CA 12/11/16

Comments: Loved this braid & used it for about a month, then one day fishing at Clearlake the line started breaking on me. Not sure whats going & have never had braid break this easily before. I fish the delta a bunch, maybe something to do with the salty water? Or maybe just a bad spool. Its a shame because i loved the line, but now lost confidence in it.

From: D: San Francisco, CA 7/26/16

Comments: You can stop looking. The best 8-strand braid on the market in 50lb -80lb class. It's round, cast superbly, retains it's color & the price is affordable. For all the froggers & flippers out there, THIS BRAID, is what you've been asking for. You can't knock it.

From: Big Steve: Mid Hudson Valley, NY 5/22/16

Comments: I have battled with braided line for a long time. I am relieved to say that I've found the best braid I've ever used. Hands down. I will be using this braid from now on. It really flies off the reel for huge casting distances, and smooth pitches. I recommend highly that you give this braid a try. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

From: Jordan: Canton, IL 3/22/16

Comments: Best braid I have ever used when it comes to big braid. I have all three sizes. I like the 60 the best! Holds its color better than ANY other braid. Great stuff.

From: Ronnie: Ruston, LA 12/23/15

Comments: I can't find a better line. 60lb for Filp/Frog - 80lb Punch. Stays Green! The 80lb is a little noisy, but thats what you get when fishing heavy braid. 

From: Timmy: Delta, CA 12/30/14

Comments: Awesome, Awesome Braid!! This line casts excellent, has great strength, and has very good durability. The color does bleed some, turning my fingers green but it doesn't fade as quick as other lines. I highly recommend this awesome line!

From: Tom: N. Charleston, SC 6/4/14

Comments: best braid ever. Not a braid guy but this line is something else. Break branches off trees, bring branches across the lake and straighten out hooks.

From: Sai: CA 4/20/14

Comments: Best braid on the market hands down. I have converted to Sunline for all of my line needs wether I am froggin' with 60lb FX2 or crankin' with 16lb FC sniper sunline has my back! The best line on the market in my opinion everything is true test true diameter... BEST ON THE MARKET!

From: CJ: PA

Comments: Best braid out there...Period!

From: Joe: ME

Comments: The best braid money can buy! There is nothing that compares to it! All the models Sunlines are amazing but FX2 is incredible! FX2 is the reason my frog walks better than yours! ;)

From: Justin: Glastonbury, CT USA

Comments: Hands down best braid I've ever used! I used Power Pro for 10 years and loved it, but compared to the FX2, it is simply out classed in all facets of how braided line is rated. I especially love how well the line comes off the spool as it allows me to upsize my line for flipping without sacrificing distance or accuracy when flipping and pitching weightless baits.

From: Aric: Blenheim, ON, CAN

Comments: This is the best braided line on the market bar none....Used the 60lb for punchin on the delta the last year or so, stuff cast like a bullet. And as far as the cost goes!! Well people are paying as much as 100 bucks for a swimbait these days and the cost of gas!!!! whats a few extra bucks for a great performing line....

From: Mark: Concord, CA

Comments: Tried out many of the Braid lines and this is one of my favorite, I have it set up for my Flipping and Frog Set up. You will not be disappointed on this -  I use one box for two reels - cuz i always put cheap mono line for backing (12 lbs) and put this Sunline Braid on to fill up the reel.

Comments: If you've ever said to yourself "I love the way Power Pro performs, but I sure wish it were noisier and cost a lot more."  then my friend, this is the line for you.  Hopefully this line DOESN'T hold up so I can get it off my reel faster and fill it back up with 832.

From: Tom: IL

Comments: This line is great, the color last, the abrasion resistance is pretty good (Not as good as sufix 832 Braid) and the diameter is amazing smallest I've ever used. I haven't broke off yet but have seen major damage when getting caught in a tree with, sufix is way more durable but way larger in diameter and the color fades real quick. I would rate this line a 9.5 out of 10 my favorite braid but could be improved

From: Andrew: German Town, MD

Comments: Without question the best braid I've used so far out of power pro, power pro super slick, suffix 832 (talk about bleeding colors holy taco), and others. 

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments: If you are planning to fish on Mexico's northern lakes like Cuchillo or Sugar lake don«t even think to use it, I lost many +5 pounders because its poor abrasion strength. I«m going back to Sufix 832

From: Edgar: Mexico

Comments: spooling it fingers were green..I hope it doesnt continue to lose its color

From: Rob: Monterey, CA

Comments:  You don't know how round braid can be until you feel this stuff.  Awesome.  The color doesn't sluff off and drip all over.  Holds up really well and lays on the spool really smoothly.  Due to its consistency, it doesn't dig into itself nearly as much as Power Pro... and even Sufix braids.  I've never used a higher quality braid than this.

From: Hale: TN

Comments: WAY BETTER than power pro. The more round shape of this braid is killer.  I will be anxious to see how it feels catching fish this season.  Im confident that it will perform above my expectations. I love how easy it is to cast. Extremely limp and manageable especially with some KVD Line conditioner which I use with all of my line.

From: Kyle: Hutchinson, Kansas

Comments: Agree with other guys... the BEST I've used period.  Total package - abrasion resistance, knot strength, color fastness, castability are all incredible.  Power pro, suffix, any pure fishing and others I've used don't compare.  Be sure to see that you are getting 300yds when comparing prices.  Really not that much more than lower grade lines in my opinion.

From: Steve: AL

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